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Bring Transformative Bodywork to Your Community

Empower and revitalize your group, gathering, or retreat with personalized massage and bodywork services.

Imagine having the power of IAM's transformative bodywork sessions brought directly to your community.

We offer Curated Bodywork Events, designed to provide personalized and holistic healing experiences in the comfort of your own area.

How It Works:

For a travel charge, Stacey will travel to various communities and cities to offer her expert bodywork sessions. Simply organize a group of at least 5 clients, and we’ll handle the rest.


Why Choose a Curated Bodywork Event?

  • Convenience: Enjoy expert bodywork without leaving your community.

  • Personalized Care: Receive the same high-quality, personalized care as you would in our main location.

  • Community Healing: Share the benefits of holistic bodywork with friends and family, fostering a collective journey towards wellness.

Stacey's innovative techniques and compassionate guidance empower bodyworkers to forge dee

Pricing & Fees

$111 per session

Minimum of 5 participants required.

We are based in Green Bay, WI but will travel within the circle below.

Travel Charges:

  • Less than 50 miles: $50

  • 50-100 miles: $100

  • 100-150 miles: $150

  • Over 150 miles: $200

Travel Area for transformative bodywork around Green Bay, WI.jpg

Help Your Community on a Deeper Level

Ready to bring Integrated Anatomy Method to your community? Contact us today to organize a Curated Bodywork Event and experience the power of therapeutic movement and holistic healing.

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