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Welcome to My World

Stacey began her creative exploration at age 8 in dance, continuing into choreography and yoga through primary and secondary education.  In pushing the limits of control and flexibility during these years, she began to wonder about the variation in physical capacity and ability.


In the quest for deeper understanding to these questions and curiosities, she continued on to study massage, neuromuscular therapy, kinesiology, and ashtanga yoga.  Science expanded her conceptual knowledge as she shared it, teaching throughout her career. Ultimately, it was the study and experience of conscious presence with herself, her own symptoms and her pain client's that paved the path of practice she is now on.  Rediscovering the connection for her body, mind, and being.

The path of integrates the tradition of ashtanga yoga, the bliss of creative movement, and application of scientific discovery.  Innovative approaches to facilitate connection to your anatomy through embodiment is where Stacey finds her knowledge sharing most valuable for sustainable results.


At the heart of her approach is the evolution of collaboration with clients and students in bodywork.  In building awareness through connection of breath, body, mind and being; we empower a functional and symptom free life.  Therapeutic movement has the capability to free our body while finding an inner locus of control. It takes an open heart, courage and responsibility on the part of the both practitioner and client. Staying curious is most important as awareness builds and transformation is possible.  So ~ Stay Curious My Friends! 

My Guiding Values

Courageous Compassion - compassion for others comes naturally for most, yet compassion towards yourself is much more challenging.  This is where true healing can occur.  On a personal level that then has the capacity to grow into community and onward to encompass the world.  I believe this at the deepest level of my consciousness.


Patient Curiosity - always stay curious and measure that with patience because there is much we do not know about ourselves.  To sit in the patient place is where the personal connections come and A-ha's transform how we see ourselves.  In this sphere, we can change, then all who encounter us must adjust to the shifts.  Stay curious and keep exploring - you never know what you will discover!


Respectful Integrity - in the sphere of encountering others, being respectful and maintaining integrity is paramount.  You do now know what that soul has gone through nor why they do what they do.  Meet them where they are at and remember that your integrity is dependent upon how you interact with that person, or people.  On the side of caution is most respectful and to stay composed as you respond.

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