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Functional Living


Working through pain, injury rehabilitation, chronic conditions, and self-doubt is how my career has evolved.  We all posses the ability (potential + capacity) to live a functional, pain free, joy-filled life. Self-awareness is the facilitating factor.

Therapeutic Movement

The vehicle for integrated awareness is Functional NeuroMuscular Therapy (FNMT).  FNMT unlocks a person’s potential to developing collaborations within and between the body/mind/spirit. Enhanced internal connections strengthens the ability to heal and move into wholeness.

Innovative Education

The life-long journey as a perpetual student, teacher and mentor continues. Exploring the awe and wonder, we experience the magnificence of life.  This result brings forward a deep sense of humility about who we are and why we are here - something science cannot explain.  Arriving at these invited states of connection, it becomes our "homing signal."  Trust expands with experiences that enhance our path of greatest service.  For professionals working with pain relief, your ability to be a stronger, free-flowing conduit of pain relief amplifies exponentially.  For those of us who are called to this work, the greatest satisfaction comes from guiding and supporting those who come in through our doors to pain free optimal function.  



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